Travelling Abroad – Do not forget

Preparing for a trip abroad, have you packed and prepared:-

  • A valid passport, visa and vaccinations if your destination country requires it
  • Are details of private roundtrip flight saved?
  • Travel and baggage insurance, depending on the number of days and the value of the baggage accompanying you
  • Emergency phones of credit card and insurance companies
  • Foreign currency of country of destination
  • International driver's license and an Israeli license
  • Mobile phone + charger with socket suitable for the destination country. In order to examine various outlets online on thr link
  • Suitable foreign SIM card significantly reduces the price of local calls costs and surfing abroad
  • International Credit card
  • Camera, batteries and chargers, and an additional memory card
  • Medicines that you usually tend to take
  • Information of vital documents, phone lists and addresses can be sent by you to an email or saved in Web Link clouds of various suppliers – Web clouds
  • Checking your luggage size for weight limit, as you might pay if the baggage exceeds limits
  • Did you order a taxi from the airport to your hotel overseas and back to airport?

*** Inform your local Taxi driver about flight details of return, and he will come to pick you up while ensuring that in case that your flight be delayed or changed, he will come at the appropriate time – and all this before you leave the country